July 16, 2020

Purple Mattress Review-UPDATED

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July 2020 UPDATE: We still love our Purple mattress! See bottom of this post for a referral code for $75 off your purchase of Purple products.

Justin and I recently celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary by purchasing a new mattress. Our pillow top mattress was very comfortable at first, but you can't flip it over-you can only rotate it. The last time we rotated, both sides were sagging so much that I would get a backache every night and Justin felt like his ribcage was getting ripped open by the springs.

After seeing this very clever commercial for the Purple No Pressure Mattress, I was convinced to give it a try. Someone in Purple's marketing/advertisement department should get a big fat raise-the commercial is that good. With a 100 day money-back guarantee, we figured that was better than just going to a store and trying to guess what mattress would work best.

I ordered the bed on May 21st, and our mattress arrived June 8th, right on time. Even the Fed-Ex man was curious about a bed that would come in a purple roll.

It's nice of Purple to include handles on each end for easier moving. I say easier because it's NOT EASY to move this thing! It's over 115lbs so you should get help if you have to move it, unless you want some nice back injuries. Justin and I managed to shove it up the stairs with him bearing the brunt of the weight with his beefcake muscles. After getting into the room, Justin proceeded to cut the wrapper with the enclosed letter opener thing. It worked perfectly until I realized that we SHOULD have opened it on the bed. OOPS.

After wrestling the half-opened mattress onto the bed, it was time to unroll it completely. Again, we goofed and had it upside-down on the bed.

Finally, our new Purple mattress was secure atop our box spring and Justin tried it out. He didn't want to get up.

It's been four years since we received our Purple No Pressure mattress and both of us still LOVE it! It is very different when you first lay down, and felt harder than our previous pillow top mattress. However, it is so comfortable and supportive. To quote Justin, "My butt sinks into the bed but my back is still supported." I also heard him say, "It's like sleeping on a soft waffle. The pillow top was like a saggy cloud." He's a stomach sleeper and says this mattress is comfortable for that position. I'm a side sleeper and this mattress is PERFECT. I don't have back pain in the morning like before with the sagging mattress. It seems to stay cool when it's hot, which is also a plus. I've had a baby since we purchased this mattress, and Purple really helped lessen my hip pain during pregnancy. Usually I could barely turn over, my hips were so sore.

The Purple website says to buy specific stretchy sheets that are really expensive. I'm too cheap to do that so I went to Amazon and bought a jersey sheet set and they work just fine. Normal sheets were ok too, but Justin says he notices a big difference with the stretchy sheets. Maybe he just likes sleeping on material that feels like a giant t-shirt. Also, I prefer having a mattress protector but the one they sell was not comfortable to us. We tried it and only could stand a couple days before it was off the bed! It felt like we were back at camp on a waterproof mattress. Also, it really restricted the mattress shaping to the body. A regular mattress protector would not work as it wouldn't let your body squish into the mattress properly. Since my original post, I have actually taken off the fabric cover of the mattress and washed it successfully. It was quite difficult since the mattress is so heavy.

All in all, we both love this mattress and I'm a little reluctant to sleep anywhere else now.


  • Read the directions before you open the mattress.
  • Be sure to open it where you want to put it as it is HEAVY.
  • Try the bed for at least a couple weeks so your body can get used to it.


  • 100 money back guarantee.  You can try the bed for 100 nights and then get your money back if it doesn't work for you. This is a win-win. How else are you supposed to know if you like a mattress if you don't try it?
  • Price. Queen size is $999 which we thought was cheap for a fancy mattress like Purple.
  • Full Body Support.  When you lay on this mattress, your whole body really is supported and it's so comfortable. I keep saying this but it's true!
  • Delivery.  What other mattress comes by delivery truck directly to your door?
  • Sheets.  This mattress is a normal depth so regular size sheets will fit fine. Our pillow top was so deep that I couldn't ever find sheets that fit.
  • Mattress cover. What other mattress has a removable and washable cover?
  • Website.  There's tons of info on the website and it's very user and mobile friendly.


  • Length.  This mattress is a tad shorter than our last pillow top mattress. It's ok for us but if you are tall, you might want to get the king size.
  • Smell.  Mattress definitely has a chemical smell when you first open it. The smell lasted a couple days but it's gone now.
  • Cover.  I like having a mattress protector but the one they sell was not comfortable to us-way to plastic feeling and sounding!
  • Sheets.  You need stretchy sheets so that the bed still works properly.

Overall Mattress Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

Thanks for reading my review of the Purple No Pressure Mattress and please comment and share if this review was helpful!

Purple Pillow

I am also now using a Purple Pillow. My dad purchased one for my mom but she did not like it. He regifted it to me and the chemical smell was unbearable. I tried multiple methods to wash it, but none really helped. Finally, I put it on a shelf in our closet for about six months until the smell was gone. I've been using it since then and am happy. The main complaint is that this pillow WEIGHS almost 12 pounds! I always bring this pillow with me when I stay overnight somewhere so that makes for a very heavy bag!

Overall rating for Purple Pillow: 4 out of 5 stars


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